LTL | Less Than Truckload

Save costs by sharing space on your shipping transport.

LTL Solutions designed to make your logistics operations easier

WTS stands as one of the leading 3PL in LTL Freight services. Our extensive network of carriers offers an outstanding number of options which include national, regional, and state partners, each positioned as an expert of service within their specific geographical areas.

Our TMS is equipped with a module designed for LTL shippers, providing fast and cost-efficient processes for quoting, booking, and tracking all your LTL shipments. 

No matter where your load is heading, you can rely on our professional know-how and suite of services to ensure a successful journey.

Not 100% sure if your load requires LTL or FTL services? Here are some criteria to find out:

  • Usually, LTL takes up to 5 standard pallets per shipment.
  • Measurement of your cargo doesn't exceed 10 or 12 ft of trailer space.
  • The total weight of your cargo doesn't go above 7,000 Lbs.

Benefit from an LTL Service

Tracking Your Shipments

Our team of LTL and customer service experts make the most of carriers' tracking capabilities by following up on LTL shipments from pre-pickup to proof of delivery and keeping shippers informed every step of the way.

Network Access

Gain access to a wide network of carriers and routes for LTL shipping, which can be particularly beneficial for businesses looking to expand their reach or move into new markets without having to bear the cost of transportation on their own.

Cost-Effective Rates

LTL shipments are consolidated with other shipments throughout its route, this means sharing the cost of a full truckload among various shippers. These savings go to your company while maintaining a monitored, flexible, and timely managed freight service.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

By sharing truck space with other shippers, you're reducing the number of trucks on the road and therefore decreasing your business's carbon footprint.

Diversity of Additional Services
In LTL you will have access to a variety of additional services depending on your shippers, consignees, or cargo extra needs, such as trucks equipped with lift gates, cross-border LTL, hazardous materials shipping, residential pick-ups or deliveries, bonded and TSA carriers.

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